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On this occasion, one of the representatives of the company addressed media and shared the news of providing Security Testing Services for software, web application, mobile application and other systems. According to the shared details, the company has a team of experienced software testing experts who perform a wide range of tests to assure the security of the solution or application from any possible malicious attacks and threat.

“Security is important for any kind of application and solution, regardless of industry vertical it caters. The lack of security may cause data and information loss. This can cause many severe damages to the business, which can be one of the following:

• Loss of sensitive information
• Compromising Privacy of end users
• Loss of money
• Damage to reputation of the company
• Legal intricacies based on the case

To protect business and end users, it is important to have the highest level of security. The developed solution is secure or not can be checked with the thorough security testing service. We have skilled software testing engineers who have years of experience with software and app security testing to find all possible loopholes in the developed solution. We have benefited many clients with our nonfunctional software testing services and we will be assisting many more clients with our advanced security testing services.”, shared spokesperson of the company.

Below is the list of key types of security testing based on the shared details by the spokesperson of this software testing company:

• Vulnerability scanning
• Security scanning
• Security review
• Penetration testing
• Ethical hacking
• Risk assessment
• Posture assessment

The representative of the best software testing company further shared the list of attributes that will be tested by the software testing experts. The list of key attributes is listed below:

• Authentication
• Authorization
• Availability
• Confidentiality
• Integrity

According to the shared details by the representative of the company, “A software testing engineer needs to think like a hacker or someone who would plan a malicious attack on the website, application or software. The software testing engineer then creates a list of possible test cases and performs thorough security testing with advanced software testing tools. The QA Mentor has a full equipped lab with all required tools to perform extensive security testing.”

Below is the list of key benefits one can leverage by using the security testing service from QA Mentor:

• List of possible vulnerabilities
• Test report of the cyber-defense capability
• Ensure sensitive information protection
• Reveal real risks
• Assures integrity of data
• Protect business from possible damages and attacks

About QA Mentor
QA Mentor is one of the best software testing companies that provide a complete range of QA and software testing services. The company covers all different test areas with its software and application testing services. It provides functional and nonfunctional testing services. The security testing is one of the nonfunctional services offered by the company. To learn more about this service, please visit