Highways and expressways are the arterial roads that connect states and suburbs with cities. While they reduce travel time and make travelling by road possible over long distances, they are also the sites for some of the worst road accidents. That’s the reason why responsible contractors never leave the roads unfenced. Crash barriers are a common phenomenon in highways where heavyweight vehicles like trucks and buses are common. To prevent life-threatening accidents, these roads are barricaded with crash barriers. Road contractors rely on crash barrier manufacturers to supply them with quality beams and barriers that prevent vehicles from skidding out of the road from impact.

One of the key suppliers in India that is also a manufacturer is Om Wire and Wire. Selling its high-quality products through WBeamhighwaycrashbarrier.com, the company is one of the prime suppliers in town. Setup in Kolkata, West Bengal, Om Wire & Wire sells its beams and barriers to contractors within Bengal and outside.

Om Wire & Wire is currently owned by Mr. Hitesh Lunia who is taking the company towards new horizons that were previously unexplored. Since Lunia took over, Om Wire & Wire has received wide recognition outside the borders of Bengal. Now established as one of the most trusted crash barrier manufacturers in Indore , the company is all set to step into the real estate construction industry.
Om Wire & Wire owns a manufacturing unit in Kolkata which is perfect state-of-the-art. With a business infrastructure which is parallel to only the best in the industry, the company faces no challenge in building top-quality beams and barriers in large quantity within a short time.
So far, Om Wire & Wire has fulfilled all bulk and small orders well within their stipulated duration. With the objective of producing highest quality beams and barriers that are capable of withstanding very high impact, Om Wire & Wire is soon likely to join the ranks of some of the most reputable W beam crash barrier suppliers in India.

Insofar, the company produces very high-quality products that are engineered to stand up to really bad crashes without too much damage. Its beams are durable and quality tested. To top that, they are also very affordable which makes Om Wire & Wire an easy choice for contractors who are on a budget. But, with its kind of reputation, the company is also fairly well-known among pro and government contractors who are in the business for many years. For an ace W beam crash barrier manufacturer in Bengal, the company prices its products very moderately.
As of today, its product list comprises of crash barriers, highway crash barriers, metal beam crash barriers, W beam crash barriers, guardrails, W Beam guardrails, and highway guardrails. All its products are available for shipping to locations inside and out of Bengal.

For more information on Om Wire & Wire, visit: www.wbeamhighwaycrashbarrier.com