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The baby boomer population is increasing, and older people need more surgical services than younger counterparts. Non-woven surgical tapes are adhesive tapes that are used in wound management to hold and secure the dressing on the wound. The principle material required for the non-woven surgical tape is nonwoven fabric and adhesive. Non-woven surgical tapes promote a healthy air flow across the wound, rather than suffocating the site. The non-woven surgical tape is mostly used for antimicrobial, post-surgical wound care, hydrocolloid dressings.  The diverse use of non-woven surgical tape in healthcare industries is expected to contribute to the growth of the non-woven surgical tape market.

The non-woven surgical tapes are water resistant. Non –woven surgical tape comes in the variety of widths, lengths, and styles which are designed to meet an assortment of bandaging needs. Non-woven surgical tapes are comfortable and can be removed cleanly and painlessly and is also used for newborn babies. Non-woven surgical tape possesses a high moisture vapor transmission rate. Injuries and Wounds in the application segment is expected to account for the highest revenue for non-woven surgical tape market.

Global Non-Woven Surgical Tape Market: Dynamics

Increasing the number of practicing surgeons is rising the non-woven surgical tape market. As non-woven surgical tapes are soft and stretchable and easy to use even with gloves, the surgeons prefer it more over other surgical tapes. Increasing number of surgeries is increasing the demand for equipment’s need while doing surgery and the non-woven surgical tape is one of them. Rising incidence of burn, injuries wounds and hospital-acquired infections (HAI) are boosting the non-woven surgical tape market.

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The sterile nature of non-woven surgical tapes is increasing its popularity in medical applications. The demand for non-woven surgical tape is mainly influenced by the expansion of the health sector and economic growth. Healthcare service providers are the major end users of non-woven surgical tape. A number of health facilities including hospitals and clinics are being established throughout the countries which will drive the non-woven surgical tape market. The non-woven medical tape is lighter in weight and cheaper in cost as compared to woven medical tape. Moreover, the absence of any trend in recent years currently reflects the demand of non-woven surgical tape market.