We have written this press release to answer few of your queries, such as, what is VOIP and Colocation and who offers a full range of internet services? After reading this PR you will be able to know about one of the leading companies in Las Vegas who provides quality and cost effective services for the same.

What is VOIP?

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a Single speedy Internet Association. VOIP is a sort of innovation that allows its customers to make calls utilizing the broadband Internet as opposed to the standard or simple telephone structure. VOIP works by changing over sound into digital voice communication and after that exchanging it through Internet broadband. So on the off chance that you are utilizing a VoIP phone system; you are essentially using the Internet to make telephone calls. Besides making telephone calls, you can likewise lead videoconferencing calling through your VOIP telephone.

Lv.net offers VOIP that is a type of hardware and software that makes people to use the internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls by sending voice data. Our team is committed to offer our residential and industry customers with the highest value of High Speed Internet access, professional technical support and service.

Know the Colocation

Colocation is the practice of moving a server from a location where internal resources are limited to a protected colocation center set with most favorable Internet and power connections. After a colocated server is housed in one of the server racks and installed and configured, the server can then be maintained remotely by the servers’ owners.

Companies that share inadequate bandwidth resources for their individual use of the Internet, along with a demanding server load on the network, are perfect candidates for colocation. Businesses in this situation will benefit the most and the benefits outweigh any extra cost essential.

Why choose Lv.net?

• Expert company in high speed internet connection services
• Passionate, expert and experienced team members
• First-rate, modern devices are used to offer the best services
• 100% quality assurance from this business to the providers on its services
• Lv.net offers Budget-friendly internet plans to its customers
• Guaranteed wireless microwave internet services

At Lv.net, Las Vegas colocation hosting competence brings enterprise-class security amenities, flexible bandwidth, storage and rack space options, around-the-clock technical support and monitoring capabilities, and convenient maintenance hours for accessing equipment to colocation and hosting clients. Our Las Vegas colocation facility is a superior-grade colocation center designed specifically for protection your servers and equipment and offering a reliable, sustainable location for storing, transmitting and receiving your valuable informational assets.

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