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At LED Expo Delhi 2018, Lumens & Beyond- a leading smart space enabler announced the expansion of its portfolio for homes and enterprises, with an array of smart lighting control and sensing products powered by WiSilica- a US based leading enterprise, Internet of Things (IoT) platform and solution provider. This partnership would bring to the Indian market a broad range of devices connected via BLE mesh and cloud to provide intelligent and human centric lighting solutions. The synergy will also enable a host of OEMs in India to offer multitude of smarter appliances including fans, heaters and many more.

Lumens & Beyond showcased its new array of products at LED Expo (6-8 Dec). The smart devices and lights together with OEM enabled solutions are made to transform the traditional spaces into an intelligent and automated ecosystem. They would also enable builders, architects and designers to venture easily into the domain of smart homes and buildings which would give result in a faster payback, energy efficiency, flexibility, reliability and easy management of infrastructure.

Nachiket Gandhi, co-founder and CEO of L&B, says, β€œL&B was born out of our desire to enable people to use smart technology through effortless and affordable product systems. The L&B ecosystem has been designed to promote human-centric lighting in spaces like homes, offices, schools, hospitals, etc through its wide range of quality products. Our easy-to-use technology assists and empowers people across all age groups. All this synthesises into the company motto- Smart Made Simple, that drives our passionate team every day.”

Suresh Singamsetty, founder and CEO of WiSilica, commented β€œIt is truly wonderful that Lumens & Beyond has joined us as one of our exclusive partners to launch a wide range of IoT connected devices in the Indian market. We are certain that our years of proven experience and customer success will help L&B to push differentiating product features, more innovations, best lighting, smart homes and IoT solutions into the market. We are excited to see the upcoming changes in the Indian smart building industry set-off by our collaboration, to bring a new generation of Bluetooth mesh enabled smart devices.”