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Expanded polystyrene is a lightweight cellular plastic having special properties due to its structure which is made of pre-expanded polystyrene beads. The expanded polystyrene foam contains only 5% plastic rest is air. Polystyrene a solid thermoplastic is melted at high temperature to re-solidify for desired application, the expanded polystyrene is forty-five times the volume of the original granule of polystyrene.

Expanded polystyrene being extremely light weight and rigid shows an excellent set of properties such as good dampening properties and good thermal insulation and variety of end use application such as surfboards, packaging and building material. Expanded polystyrene closed-cell structure provides low vapor permanence and minimal water absorption. Molded EPS is subjected to numerous tests such as density, strength, flammability and porosity. Expanded polystyrene is not biodegradable but is the chemical inert that makes it stable fill material and provides safe and sanitary landfill reclamation. The insulation products of expanded polystyrene significantly reduce the energy requirement for cooling and heating in any structure when applied. Expanded polystyrene saves cost and give a versatile choice of application and lowers the structures of carbon footprint.

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Global Expanded Polystyrene Market: Dynamics

Expanded polystyrene is recyclable, inert non-toxic to the environment as it does not contains CFC’s or HCFCs in the manufacturing process and doesn’t hinder to the ozone layer, is the major potential factor for the growth of expanded polystyrene market. Ability to provide best packaging solution to keep the product safe and shock absorbent from risk in transport and handling and providing total protection for industrial product is the key factor driving the expanded polystyrene market. Moreover, food packaging safety through expanded polystyrene is another potential factor for the growth of expanded polystyrene market. Owing to moisture resisting properties increasing the shelf life of the perishable items such as seafood, vegetables, and fruits. Expanded polystyrene doesn’t result in chemical reaction as it inert in nature thus it does not appeal to any pest. Owing to its durability, the lightweight as well strength it is used as an insulation panel system for roofs, walls, floors in building and facades and results in a drastic reduction in the emission of polluting gasses such as SO² and CO² is another potential factor for the growth of expanded polystyrene market. Owing to its compression resistant which makes expanded polystyrene ideal for stacking and packaging of good also it is shock absorbent properties application makes it effective for sports helmet and children’s car seat is another potential factor for the growth of polystyrene market. Pharmaceutical application to store products for safety and away from exposure to general environment, are factors supports to growth of expanded polystyrene market.

Global Expanded Polystyrene Market: Segmentation

Based on application: Expanded polystyrene market can be segmented into



Other Application (slider, surfboards, infant car seat, houses, air condition units)

Based on material: Expanded polystyrene market can be segmented into

Raw beads

Expanded beads

Global Expanded Polystyrene Market: Region Wise Outlook

The global expanded polystyrene market is divided into seven regions, namely North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). APEJ holds a relatively higher share of the global expanded polystyrene market. This is due to packaging industry which is developed and has great demand in the region. Moreover major player promotes recyclability of expanded polystyrene molded products promoting little part of municipal soil waste which is close to 0.1%. Followed by APEJ is North America, this is due to high demand in packaging for consumer goods, electronics, and electrical industries. Thus APEJ and North America is estimated to grow at healthy CAGR in the forecast period of global expanded polystyrene market. Europe is estimated to grow at high CAGR in the forecast period of global expanded polystyrene, owing to the demand for thermal insulation for flooring and roofing to reduce the in-house temperature and carbon footprints, will boost the expanded polystyrene market.

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Global Expanded Polystyrene Market: Prominent Player

Few of the prominent players in expanded polystyrene market are as follows

Insulation Corporation of America

The Dow Chemical Company

Plasti-Fab Ltd.

Dabo Precision Co., Ltd.

Kaneka Corporation

Atlas EPS.


Nantong Chaoda Machinery and Technology Co., Ltd

Sunghoon Tech Co., Ltd

British Plastic Federation

ACH FOAM Technology

FORTE EPS Solution Inc.

KNAUF Industries