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Market Outlook for Roll-dried Starch Market: Roll-dried starch is named so, as they are prepared using the roll-dry technique of drying. Roll-dried starch is useful as they have important properties such as dispersibility, wettability, etc. Roll-dried starches also provide good convenience, elevated performance, and flexibility during processing. They are very versatile and are used in cold manufacturing processes in which there is a requirement for fast hydration, good texture, greater tolerance to the process and increase the shelf-life.

Roll-dried Starch demand in food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industry According to an internal survey, the global starch market is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 6.4% until the end of 2028. The demand for roll-dried starch in food industry might increase in the future as the global food market is increasing at a very high rate. The busy lifestyle and high disposable income have increased the market for the use of roll-dried starch as the consumers prefer convenience food which is easily available and have nutritional quality. The roll-dried starch can be used in the frozen food market so as to increase the shelf-life of the product. The roll-dried starch can help the industries maintain the quality of their food product as the main aim of the industry is to avoid undesirable changes in the food product during transportation, storage, and thawing. The roll-dried starch has a future market in the baby food industry also as it is very important to provide the infants and toddlers with a diet which is nutritive as well as safe.

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The use of roll-dried starch is also prominent in the bakery industry. The baked goods contain a complex mixture of ingredients and change in even one ingredient can change the taste and quality of the product. Also, the consumers are now focusing on low fat, sugar, etc. products so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle which makes use of roll-dried starch a good option in the bakery industry. The roll-dried starch can be used in paper industry as it has the property of binding which can help manufacture high strength and quality paper.

The other important factor that can drive the roll-dried starch market is the easy availability of wheat flour, corn flour, etc., which makes it more convenient for the industries to produce roll-dried starch using any of the flour variety.

Global Roll-dried Starch Market: Segmentation: Roll-dried starch can be segmented on the basis of sources as:

Wheat flour
Others (e.g. arrowroot, rice, tapioca, etc.)
Roll-dried starch can be segmented on the basis of end use as:

Food industry
Instant desserts
li>Instant food powders
Instant pie fillings
Instant sauces
Extruded snacks
Spices and seasonings
Cosmetic industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Others (e.g. Sports drinks, paper industry, textile industry, etc.)
Roll-dried starch can be segmented on the basis of function as:

Food thickeners
Improved viscosity and spread
Others (e.g. Binders)
Global Roll-dried Starch Market: Key Participants Some of the global key market players are Cargill Incorporated, Tate & Lyle, Grain Processing Corporation, S A Pharmachem Pvt Ltd, Karandikars Cashell Private Limited, Banpong Tapioca Flour Industrial Co Ltd., Galam, Crest Cellulose, Visco Starch, etc. are among others.

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Global Roll-dried Starch Market: Key Developments The development of technology is certain countries like India, Brazil, etc. has led to an increase in the production of innovative products which can create a market for new food ingredients. The other main reason for the increase in the market of organic food ingredients is that the government has been encouraging and helping the industries to develop eco-friendly technology and food products that are rich in nutrition. The major support from government has the potential to increase the market for organic products in the future period.

Opportunities for Roll-dried Starch Market Participants: The roll-dried starch demand in the food industry is likely to increase as it provides a number of functional benefits such stabilizers, emulsifier, etc. to a variety of food such as snacks, bakery, confectionary, as well as frozen food. The cosmetic industry has been using pregelatinized starch as an active ingredient in many personal care products and so the market for roll-dried starch can also increase in the cosmetic industry as it provides the same functional properties. Similarly roll-dried starch also has an opportunity in the pharmaceutical industry where it can be used as a binder, capsule disintegrant and tablet, and capsule diluent.