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Electrically conductive tapes provide thermal or electrical conductivity and are available in single sided and double sided version. Shielding of electronic devices from electromagnetic wave interference in high dynamic flex situation is comparatively difficult task than installing electronic devices. Electrically conductive tapes also offer high-performance bonding in non-messy format. Laptop & Television cables, electronic circuits, metal enclosures medical rooms and similar other devices requires shielding and grounding. The electrically conductive tapes offer the significant amount of prevention to the materials from electromagnetic interferences.

Electrically conductive tapes provide heat transfer path between heat generating components and heat sinks or other devices. These tapes can be used for insulation in fans, heat spreaders, heat pipes, and electric circuits. A large number of application areas and increment in technology innovations and digitalization are boosting the global electrically conductive tapes market. Electrically conductive tapes are available with different adhesives and variety of materials used for another side. The demand for increasing consumer awareness towards safety is enhancing the market value of electrically conductive tapes in household applications.

Electrically conductive tapes provide a perfect solution for small fixing problems in electronics & circuits. Electrically conductive tapes are also available for void filling, cushioning, and shock absorbing. The key manufacturers are preferring electrically conductive tapes to provide an appropriate fixing solution to end consumers. The global electrically conductive tapes market is estimated to expand due to the growth of electronics & pharmaceutical industry.

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Electrically conductive tapes are reliable alternative to other conventional solutions and also eradicate the need for additional grounding devices. The demand for shielding in electrical appliances is increasing the growth of global electrically conductive tapes market. Electrically conductive tapes are used for the purpose of safety and security as per the requirements during fixation of heat transfer problems. The ability of electrically conductive tapes to withstand high temperature and superior tear resistance is dependable property which can be determined according to the material used.