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The global packaging industry has undergone a significant transformation in the last few decades, with meteoric growth in demand for packaged goods. Bleached paperboard or solid bleached board or solid bleached sulfate is purely manufactured using the bleached chemical pulp, and the top surface is coated with mineral or synthetic pigment in one or more layers.

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Some factors are leading to the high preference for bleached paperboard in the food industry including hygiene and pure with no taste and smell making it perfect packaging solution for flavor and aroma sensitive products. Bleached paperboard is medium density board with excellent printability. Bleached paperboard containers and products find applications in a variety of industries such as the food and beverage industry, personal care & cosmetics industry, and the pharmaceutical industry, among others.

Global Bleached Paperboard Market: Dynamics

The global paper & paperboard industry has been experiencing a steady rise in the emerging economies, despite the boom in digitization. Growing packaging industry across the globe is the key driver for the global bleached paperboard market. Bleached paperboard is gaining the preference for packaging solution as they eliminate the threat of use of plastic for any packaging.

Increasing demand for paperboard packaging especially in food and beverages industry is expected to drive the bleached paperboard market. Bleached paperboard is preferred by several contract packaging companies, specialty product manufacturers, and for applications such as packaging limited offer products. Bleached paperboard is gaining ground in the market used for special boxes for more exclusive products.

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E-commerce businesses as of now can sell goods packed in boxes and cartons manufactured through bleached paperboard and deliver them at customer’s doorstep in every possible place where communication and transportation are possible which is boosting the bleached paperboard market. To cater to the heavy demand for packaged goods, especially fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) products. Finding adequete raw material to meet the growing demand for bleached paperboard might pose a challenge for the bleached paperboard market.