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The industry of additives and specialty chemicals is fast gaining grounds in India, on account of the general flourish across industries. With the construction business now up to speed with the country’s fast-growing economy, the demand for paints has peaked this year like never before. Same for inks, paper, and pulp that are growing in variety and supply at competitive speeds to satisfy the burgeoning needs of the robust publishing industry that India has right now. Among many small and big names that are popular nationwide in this context, Shah Patil & Company is one. The Defoamer manufacturer that goes by the website handles Pure Defoamer was born in Maharashtra, the trade capital of West India.

Shah Patil & Company is currently a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of paints, inks, pigments, dyes, paper and pulp, chemical processes, lubricants, and effluent treatment. In each of these categories, the company has a miscellany of products that are formulated and designed to satisfy the requirements of the customers, and even exceed expectations. As a defoamer supplier, Shah Patil & Company has always aimed at offering the customers premium quality products that only have matches in the catalog of the industry hard hitters. To that end, it continuously labors by upgrading its infrastructure as often as needed, bringing in cutting-edge technology, adding new and valuable members to its team and procuring raw superior quality raw materials whenever available.

As of today, Shah Patil & Company has in its product lists some key and very high-on-demand products like defoamers, wetting and dispersing agents, thickeners, anti-settling agents, defoamer for phosphoric acid production, and specialty additives. For all orders, Pure Defoamer offers to quote a price beforehand so that the customers are informed about the expense that they are about to incur. Custom quotes can be requested online or over the phone. The company’s hotline number is open for all national and internal callers 24/7 and also on public holidays.
But the real reason why buyers incline favorably towards Shah Patil & Company when the choices are so very numerous in the market is more than just an inclusive product list. The reasons exceed to its customer service, its international quality standards, effective management and continued upgrading that together reflect on its products, processes, and services. The defoamer exporter is currently one of the most trusted names in its niche among local, national and international clients.
In addition to the rigorous infrastructural upkeep, the company also maintains flawless packing standards. With that, it ensures that all its shipments reach its clients safely, onshore or off-shore. Its punctual and hassle-free transportation is why buyers prefer ordering their products through Shah Patil & Company.
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