Helical IT Solutions launches major release of Open Source BI Framework: ‘Helical Insight 3.0’

40+ new functionalities
Double click installer making the process of installation and configuration very smooth
Support for CSV, Excel, Mongo, Elastic-search, Hive and other big data data-sources as well as flat files
UX enhancements and functionality enhancements on three modules
Dashboard designer comes with a lot of new UI driven customizations, adding text and images, overlays and grouping options etc
Performance enhancement, security enhancement, know bug fixing and more charts customization options

Dec 27th 2017 : Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd announces launch of major release of Helical Insight Enterprise Edition i.e. ‘Helical Insight 3.0’.

Helical Insight 3.0 Enterprise Edition comes with more than 40+ new features, upgrades which includes double click installer, support for CSV Excel, NoSQL and Big Data support, UX revamp of 3 modules, grouping and overlay features in dashboard designer, extensive UI driven customizations in dashboard designer, bug fixing and performance optimization, new charts customizations etc.

“After our last release of version 2.1 towards the starting of 2018 we have had many clients who were migrating and wanted to big data DB with Helical Insight. With our latest release we have provided support to a plethora of other DB including flat files, elastic search, Mongo and many more” said Nitin Sahu, Cofounder, Helical Insight.

Nikhilesh Tiwari, Cofounder, Helical Insight added “Aside from the new DB support we have also invested a lot of time in doing UX level improvements as per the end users feedbacks. With this version we have added functionalities and UX level improvements in datasource’s, metadata and dashboard designer module. Dashboard designer new is having a lot of UI driven customizations and functionalities thus making the entire experience of dashboard creation very smooth”


Helical Insight has been battle-tested and is being used by numerous clients in their production environment. Register on the website or Write to us on support@helicalinsight.com for a trial today!

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