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Most of the borrowers think that the maximum Loan to Valuation Ratio (LVR) that a lender can lend for a commercial property is 65%LVR. To such an extent, this is true with many lenders; however, there are a few of lenders who can maintain policies by permitting the lending to over 80% LVR for the commercial property loans. This lending policy for the commercial property leaves the borrower surprised as most of them have never heard that this is possible.

Requirements for a Commercial Loan at 85% LVR

The most essential requirement for Commercial Loan 85% is security. Therefore, the property offered as a means of security must be suitable and non-specialized. An applicant must have a clear credit report that is free from any flaws of unfavorable credit issues.

Assessment Criteria That the Lenders Look For 85% LVR Commercial Loan
Under the 85% LVR commercial loan policy, the lender is searching for the borrower to determine affordability as a priority. This must be verified by conducting an affordability or serviceability. In addition, while conducting serviceability, the lender is searching for a resilient affordability position. In this situation, a lender will look for the interest coverage for more than 1.5 times, which implies that the borrower has 1.5 times the overall payment in the disposable income.

Additionally, a respective borrower can determine affordability by making use of surplus rule $1. This technique looks at the net annual income and then takes away all the projected annual expenses. As long as the borrower can show that they will still have the $1 surplus at the completion of this, then they must pass serviceability.

Further, a borrower’s position of statement must be positive with the borrower being able to demonstrate a good net asset position before the application is taken.

Low Doc 80% LVR Commercial Loan

The low doc commercial property loans must be done up to 82% LVR to the exact. Hence, it is possible to borrow by making use of commercial property as security equal to 82% LVR deprived of the necessity to display the tax returns. This is possible only for the self-employed borrowers who are registered for GST and can exhibit that they have lodged their preceding last quarter Statements of Business Activity with ATO and have paid the required GST applicable.