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Superpop Group Pty Ltd is the oldest Popcorn Maker company in Australia and runs a “Fun Food” business. Since 1988, the company has been providing different services such as popcorn manufacturing, popcorn equipment, popcorn supplies and ready-to-eat popcorns. With 30+ years of experience, Superpop Group Pty Ltd provides a top quality different range of popcorns to buy. You can find a different range of popcorns starting from Signature popcorn range, School lunch box popcorn range, microwave popcorn range, fairy floss range, full flavour range, Kondos popcorn range, Kondos cups popcorn range. Superpop Group Pty Ltd provides the top variety of popcorns like sweet corns, popcorns, flour corn, dent corn, flint corn, pod Corn, along with different shapes like Mushroom and Butterfly. In terms of nutritional value, Air-Popped popcorns from Superpop Group are rich in dietary fibre and antioxidants, low calorie, non-GMO, gluten-free and good in terms of quality expected from a high-quality product specially designed for health-conscious people.

Different varieties of Corns available to Purchase

Popcorns are nothing but popped form of corn kernels and these corn kernels are grown on a farm where harvesting takes place every year. Once the corns are cleaned and cut, the farmers keep the moisture content perfect in order to ensure that there is enough moisture for kernels to POP. Sometimes the kernels get dry and it doesn’t pop and therefore you need to have the best quality popcorn so that it gets perfectly made without any trouble.

Sweet Corn – As the name suggests, sweet corn is given the name because of the sweetness in the corn. It is one type of corn which you will find in the freezer or shelves of markets. Sweet corn kernels have sugar content apart from starch and it is sweet since the time of harvesting.

Salted Popcorn- One of the most favourite choice of many moviegoers. This type of corn has a unique hard shell with an optimum moisture level that allows it to pop when warmed.

Flour Corn – One of the oldest variety of popcorn. Flour corn is made from starch used in baked products. A lot of people prefer to choose this type of popcorn as it is healthy and delicious.

Dent Corn – This type of corn is mostly grown in the USA and it is named after the dimple that is formed in the centre of the corn kernel. It is having high starch content and efficiently used as a raw material for various purposes. Dent corn is commonly used for making corn syrup and livestock feed along within different other industrial products such as ethanol for sanitizers, beverages and fuel.

Flint Corn- Something similar to the dent corn, Flint corn is mostly grown in South and Central America. It is used as both food and feed purposes in different geographical areas.

Pod Corn – It is Indian corn and has a distinctive pattern and colour which is the result of the uniquely elongated kernel. It looks like an ornamental and colourful corn compared to others.

Popcorn shapes

You will be amazed to know different popcorn shapes available to buy online from Popcorn Australia – Butterfly and Mushroom shape. In both the type of popcorns, once the kernel is heated, the pressure causes the hole from the kernel to expand. The starch inside the kernel gets blow outside the hole and this is what causes the popcorn to invert or the skin comes out. Such expansion occurs in mushroom-shaped popcorn which is spherical and resembles the shape of a Mushroom. On the other hand, butterfly-shaped popcorns have lobes expanding away from each other and have several lobes which resemble the shape of a butterfly.

Popcorn Nutritional facts – Party for health conscious

Arranging a party with the right food is always challenging. You can find a lot of food available with artificial flavours, gluten and cheese but not many products match the healthy standards. Popcorns are essential for any party or gathering. Health conscious people prefer to choose popcorns that have nutritional benefits and Superpop group is dedicated to providing the best quality, healthy and delicious popcorns with no artificial colours or gluten. Superpop Group Pty Ltd is the oldest Popcorn Maker company and spent years into research just to ensure that popcorns are of the highest standards and designed specifically to suit health and taste. One thing is certain, if you are looking for best popcorns in Australia then you will never regret the popcorns from Superpop group.