What are the advantages of ordinary mining lamps and LED high bay lights?

LED lighting is now known as a star, and the trend is becoming more and more popular. A lot of project projects replace the traditional lamps used in the original with LED lamps, so today To talk about, about the problem of LED High Bay Lights, people will always think before the replacement, LED lights are good, compared to the original used lamps, its advantages

Where is the unreasonable behavior of replacing traditional luminaires with LED High Bay Light, we compare the advantages of traditional luminaires with LED High Bay Light from the following aspects.

Contrast brightness

The brightness of the LED High Bay Lighting 400W is equivalent to about 1000 watts of HID high bay light, and the average illuminance is not weakened.

2. Contrast energy saving

Take a 100-inch luminaire as an example. Assume that an average of 10 hours per day is used, and the electricity fee is 1 yuan/degree. The electricity cost of the LED high bay light is 100 yuan per day, and the electricity cost of the gold-halide mining lamp is 250 yuan per day. Replacing the 250-watt gold halide miner’s lamp with a 100-watt LED high bay light can save 4,500 yuan per month of electricity and save 54,750 yuan per year.

3. Comparative life

The service life of gold halide miner’s lamp is 8000 hours, LED high bay light can reach 50,000 hours – equivalent to 10 hours of lighting a day, 13 years can be used, greatly reducing the cost of manual lamp replacement, the price is really high.

4. Comparative environmental protection

Mercury is included in ordinary lamps, including gold-halide mining lamps. The mercury contained in dozens of gold-halide mining lamps can pollute the entire West Lake. LED high-altitude lamps do not contain mercury, cesium and other pollution elements, and are typical green light sources.

5. Contrast health

When the gold halide miner’s lamp emits light, it will produce ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. The heat is large and the air is dry. The LED high bay light does not radiate, which protects people’s eyes and is good for health.

Under the comparison of these points, I believe that you have a good understanding of the advantages of LED High Bay Lights and HID High Bay Lights.

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