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Those who want to invest in a property should avail the home inspection services as it gives them a detailed information about the property condition whether it is worth buying the property or not. Many times, visual inspection may not help to judge the quality and condition of a property and it is only professional home inspectors who can determine any defects, safety issues or normal maintenance items in the property for you to make a well-informed decision. Christopher Iula is a certified and experienced home inspector who can give you detailed information about the condition of the property that you are living or want to invest to make a good decision. Christopher Iula has the necessary expertise and experience to identify the defects in a property that are not visible to the naked eye using sophisticated equipment. The common problem in most of the properties is mold formation which can be harmful to the general health and worsens the condition those who have allergies and breathing issues. The inspector can identify the underlying reasons for mold formation and can detect the roots completely eradicate the problem. The home inspector is also expert in offering all types of pest inspection along with best solutions to get rid of them.

You can also contact Christopher Iula for conducting Radon testing as some buildings where the inside air pressure is lower than outside the building has the risk of radon gas present in the soil to enter the building through the concrete pores, openings and cracks in the foundation and around pipes and joints. The presence of radon gas is detected using charcoal canisters, continuous radon monitors and self-test kits to analyse the levels of Radon gas present or not in the building. You can also avail his services for water purity test for bacteria, FHA water purity test for lead, nitrites and nitrates, septic dye test, mold assessment test etc which are offered both individually or as a package for comprehensive home inspection services. The pricing is very much competitive, and the reports are electronically generated in an easy to read and understand manner for the clients to take further steps to maintain quality living conditions in their home or the property they are about to invest.

Christopher Iula can get you all the facts about a building to decide whether it is worth investing or not instead of worrying later in life. He ensures 100% customer satisfaction within affordable price.

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