When we see the global standards of wind and solar hybrid systems we find that most of the European countries are using hybrid energy as more reliable source of energy. Any of the technologies alone cannot provide the required power. With solar mostly providing power at day time and wind providing most of the power during night time, we see a uniform power output when we superimpose the power output graphs of both the technologies. As solar being already in place and its been adopted nationwide because of the clear and concise policies by MNRE.

Now, when we talk about small wind turbines, they are not taken as reliable source of power due to their old inefficient designs and the non-renewal of the important polices by MNRE. Now the small wind sector is feeling the turmoil due to lack of policies and subsidy by MNRE supporting this technology. Despite of various technological advancements done during the last few years this sector has not done well due to the lack of adoption of this technology on nation wide scale.

However, some of the young entrepreneurs entering into this type of renewable energy consider it to be the next top technology for the micro power generation at off grid locations with poor or nearly zero grid connectivity. One such example is Mr. Prateek Gupta, Founder & CEO of Revayu Energy. According to him, “The path less travelled is the path to travel”. He states that when we thought of entering the solar business we saw that there is already a cutthroat competition. Whereas in small wind energy there are not even enough players to have any sort of competition. This is due to lack of opportunities in this industry at current time.

However, this will not be the same in few years from now. Already the solar is lacking the power in the nighttime. In small wind energy we expect most power at that time. There it fills the current energy deficit. With the Government of India jointly with MNRE revising the new policies and providing the subsidy for residential and institutions for small wind energy sector there will be steep jump in increase of customers. That will be the time of Small wind energy companies to tap the huge upcoming market.
With Revayu Energy providing new generation of wind turbines having new 6 blade technology with Low RPM Low Cut in wind speed wind turbines.

Due to increase in number of blades the turbine requires less initial torque to rotate and start producing power. Generally the cut in wind speed of conventional 3 blade small wind turbines is 3m/s. However, Revayu’s 6 blade wind turbines have the lowest cut in wind speed of 1.5 m/s in the entire small wind energy industry. Therefore, even with a slight breeze of air can rotate the wind turbine blades to produce energy.

When GOI & MNRE will provide the new policy and subsidy scheme for small wind energy this nation will encounter the new era of small wind turbines which would have never seen before. It has a wide market and we could see the small wind turbines at the rooftop of each household. If you wish to know more details about the wind turbines then please click on the mentioned link below.