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Indian Herbal Expo is going to be India’s International Indian Herbal Expo in Bangkok, Thailand. The exhibitions first and foremost motto is to promote health, wellness and ayurvedic products to encourage people on its usage and benefits. The vision is on the lines of Go Green, Live Green, and Promote Green. Along with that the exhibition offers array of opportunities for Indian market to explore the international market and showcase their specialties and their long-term benefits. This will be a massive platform for marketing, networking, business and creating international relations within a booming market; Thailand.

The International Indian Herbal Expo will take place from 1st of Feb 2019 to 3rd of Feb 2019 at Bangkok, Thailand. The 3-day expo will witness India’s top-notch herbal, Ayurveda, and unani brands that will share their vision and will be a great platform for networking and business marketing.

Why Thailand?

Consumers around the world including people in Thailand are more conscious and proactive for their health. They stress to try herbal products more due to their prolonged benefits. Apart from that, Thailand’s medical tourists are searching for access and quicker advancements for health treatment too. There is a greater accentuation on not simply looking fantastic but also feeling the best that you can, and Thailand is home to the latest developments in the field of wellbeing.

Abhisshek Shah, the Project Head of The Indian Herbal Expo, quoted- Te expo have a vision to create business globally and give Indian market an opportunity to explore an untouched segment of international market. Thailand being the hub of spas and wellness centers is the most congruous place to achieve the target and fulfill the vision to look fantastic inside out.

About Indian Herbal Expo

Indian Herbal Expo 2019 will be the Indian International Expo in Bangkok, Thailand, which will be a platform and a meeting place for the Manufacturer, Producer, Institutions and Associations who are the industrial experts gathered together to exchange ideas, networking and market their products Internationally.

The platform will be the only kind of show in Thailand, which will cater the Indian companies to showcase their products and expand their business globally.

Indian Herbal Expo 2019 will showcase the latest and best herbal, green and natural products and related services in the market. This will be an annual event and the global platform for Products, Manufacturers, Researchers, Inventors, Health food, and Industry related professional to come together on a single platform thus enabling them to establish business networking to move the industry forward towards the global forefront.