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Here are some interesting Christmas menu from Theos they have come up with the cute gift offering for your pals and your loved ones .

1. Traditional Plum cake
2. Eggless Plum Cake
3. Alcohol Free Eggless Plum Cake
4. Grandmas Mince apple pie
5. Vanilla horseshoe cookies
6. Shepherd’s pie (Savoury)
7. Santa cakes
8. Traditional Bouche du noel
9. Red Velvet yule log
10. German stollen
11. Gingerbread cookies
12. Christmas Cupcakes
13. Chocolate & Gingerbread House
14. Gingerbread Cupcakes
15. Panettone

Price approx : Rs900 For two

Theos – New and Biggest Outlet

Theos biggest outlet till now have recently opened in Noida Sec-104 at Starling Building. Earlier only the bakery was there but now the entire Italian restaurant will be operational. From ample amount of variety in the huge menu, you can gorge on their savouries, drinks, shakes and spine tingling cakes.

Our guest is like an ultimate god for us and whatever we serve them should be nothing less than what we would offer god in our prayers. Therefore, at Theos whatever we prepare is with a lot of love, care and most importantly straight from the heart.
Theos is well known to always deliver the best not only in terms of health and hygiene but also in terms of taste and presentation. Such level of services at Theos is achieved by the never ending commitment & enthusiasm of Chef Gaurav Wadhwa.