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Ring Twister Machine

Aawadkrupa Industries is pioneer and front runner as a Manufacturer & Exporter of wide range of “Plastic Extrusion Plant, Ring Twister machine & Rope Making Machineries” in India since year 1996 by employing young ambitious professionally managed team of engineers. We are specialized in manufacturing Ring Twister machine and machine assembled under guidance of our managing / technical directors and our engineering team.

Ring Twister Machine also known as Ring Doubler Machine, Doubler Machine, Offline twisting machine, Twister Machine, Ply Twisting machine, yarn doubling machine, yarn twisting & doubling machine, yarn doubler Etc..

Our ring twister is used for manufacturing Nylon multi filament, Fish Net Twines, Jute Twines, HDPE Twines, PP Ropes, Tyre Cord and Sewing Thread which is used for fishing net application Etc…

 World class quality branded Rope Making Machines.

 Continuous training of our engineers and technicians for best efficiency and quality workmanship.

 Twisting of single and multiply yarns at a one time.

 Innovative high-performance ring twisting machine for up-twisting and twisting of glass filament yarns

 we have in this ring twister is that twisting and doubling is possible in the same machine at the same time

 high productivity and flexibility

 low maintenance costs

 Heavy Duty structure (carbon steel body)

 Easy to carry whole machine one place to another place.

 Two side oil lubrication system.

 100% TPM perfection

 User can change automatically TPM setting by key feature instead of manual gear change.

 PLC+HMI By touch screen control system

 Ring high quality material with hardening & hard chrome

 On time Delivery.

How to work Ring Twister machine
At its very simplest, making a rope consists of plying yarns, often by twisting and re-twisting the plied yarns together to make sub-structures such as strands. These in turn are assemble and twisted or braiding, but occasionally with an extruded plastic jacket or even a combination of both the basic steps in making a rope or twin can thus be listed as follows
1. Yarn manufacturer (‘ Monofilament yarn, textile yarns or other starting material)

2. Mack single ply (Plied yarn assemble)

3. Rope or Twin Manufacturer.

Surprisingly the theory of rope & twins manufacturing is not simple. There are a number of issues related to twisting of which the most vexed question is that is that of back twist. The principles are described in this section, ahead of their applications in ropes & twin manufacturing.

Twist can be either left-handed or right-handed. In the textile industry there are referred to as Sor Z twist (Our Machine in provided with reversible spindle drive that is mainly used for S or Z twisting.)

Ring Twister Machine in Ring, Ring spindle and two side oil lubrication system.

 Ring high quality material with hardening & hard chrome