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Increasing pressure on businesses to grow revenues by keeping the production cost low is driving the outsourcing market across the globe. Most leading manufacturers are opting for network outsourcing due to its numerous advantages over self manufacture of goods.
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The outsourcing market is becoming widely popular and growing rapidly as most companies are feeling the need to outsource their jobs for saving production and service costs and managing their businesses intelligently. 
Network outsourcing is helping to increase the network capacity to meet the growing demands of data services. Even the companies are struggling to reduce costs in the times of economic uncertainty. Currently, the IT industry is the biggest benefiter of the outsourcing trend having leveraged outsourcing as the way to enhance capabilities and skills, and reduce costs. Network outsourcing and sharing reflects an aggressive, new business design that provides significant financial benefits. 
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Developing economies like India and China are the biggest market for the network outsourcing as these are the most populated countries with the availability of qualified man power and their readiness to work on lower pays. 
Market Segmentation
Segmentation Based on Technology 
• Instant Messaging
• Cross Layer Traffic Engineering 
• VPN Topologies
• Unified Messaging
• Interconnection
• Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) Network Nodes
• Modular Component Style Architecture
• Open Specification Servers
• Web Services 
• Java
• Autonomic Computing Attributes
• Graphics
• Bandwidth Management 
• Wireless Network Technologies 
• Business Center Technology 
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