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Tour and travel industry is India’s one of the most effective sectors by digital development. The agents are using digital techniques to engage with different communities and make sure their customers have the best possible gateways.

To perform well and to gain trust among kinds of peoples, players of the tourism industry is always searching for a new way to reach their prospect and share promotional offers to their target audience.

Today, we all use a desktop or mobile phone or laptop to access information about holiday packages and deals of the travel agency from accommodation to food and other activities a powerful & quick way can help them to reach out their interested consumers in minutes.

Bulk SMS nowadays is very effective because it has high chances of reading and response than email. You can send itinerary via email with PDF attachment because SMS has 160 characters limit and you can’t add images and other materials with it expect short URL of your web-page or offer.

The gateway providers are giving API connectivity for sending notifications, reminders, and alerts from own business management or accounting software. Through programmable API like SMS API, you can enable the feature of bulk SMS into any kind of system with all features. Either you want to send messages in large quantity or in a personalized manner API will do all well for you. However, with the running campaigns of ‘’The Ministry of Tourism,’’ travel agents can hugely enjoy bulk SMS.

Below are the few ways to use SMS service in travel & tourism company-

New booking confirmation-

It’s your responsibility to send an instant SMS with booking details whenever a new booking is done by a customer. Like hotel booking id, airline PNR number etc. These alerts can be sent automatically through integrated API in a personalized manner.

Discount coupons-

Discounted deals like weekend gateway offer, beverages coupons, and flight codes or discounts of any fest outside the city will help you to get more bookings. Although, this kind of freebies are important to make your agency successful because you know that your other competitors are already trying out to attract customers.

Mobile brochures-

SMS technique can be used to send brochures on customers smartphone. These online brochures are sent in a form of a link which is easy to be tracked, means you can know how many of them clicked it or took action on it.

Account related-

Within a click of a button, tourism and travel agents can send customer’s outstanding amount via SMS. They can integrate enable SMS API gateway integration into your existing software or mobile app to automatically alert customers of their company.

New contacts and lead generation-

SMS is the best source for travel companies to generate quality business leads and clientele. As it is well said that, the more clients you have in your hand, the more you can boost sales for the year. In the tourism sector, attracting a large number of people to book packages from you is the major task.

So, if you’re a travel agent and looking for a robust method to generate sales? Must choose SMS marketing solution because you have understood already why it is important and what are its benefits? Even, after the successful journey or trip of customers, you can gather feedback about places like resorts regarding room service, food quality etc. This feedbacks are usually genuine and help you to allot nice property to future customers.