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Fishing Winder
AAWADKRUAPA PLASTOMECH PVT LTD is pioneer name in Plastic Extrusion Line and Rope Making Machineries.
Fishing Winder also known as a Fishing Bobbin Winder.
We are providing all kind of Plastic Extrusion Plant from which the end user can manufacture simple kind of Plastic Rope and also can Manufacturer the Raw Material Filament which are used to made Fishing Twine. The filaments which are useful make Agro Net, Shed Net, Sports Net, Fishing Net ext. are manufacture from our Monofilament Plant itself.
To make the Fishing Twine, The Fishing Winder machine is useful . First of all, the filaments are winded in Fishing winder machine and after that they are transfer to Knitting Machine to make Fishing Twine.
We are providing Fishing Winder Machine to take 700 to 8000 Deniar. The Fishing Winder available with different Spindle options like 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64, 68 ,72 and above. To facilitate individual control on each Stations, we are providing Individual On/Off switch on each stations in our Fishing Winder. In our Fishing Winder, we are providing Magnetic type of Bobbin Lock.