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The Blind Shack is a Premium retail company trading Quality plantation shutters at a wholesale price in St.petersburg, Central Florida. They work hard to serve the customer needs. Plantation shutters are the best alternative covering for doors and windows because of low maintenance and have more advantage over shades and blinds.

Plantation shutters and it benefits

Plantation blinds are made up of quality woods and suitable for interiors design. These shutters are available in a variety of designs and colors. The main purpose of plantation shutter is to improve safety and filter sunlight to add privacy in home and office. The advantage of plantation shutters is it can be easily fit into any kind of doors and windows. It is not required to close the windows completely to get good results, because it can offer style and privacy by using partially.

Plantation shutters are divided into two types slatted and solid. These shutters are made up of woods so it can be slatted like blinds to look like the traditional wooden blinds. But the shutters offer more compatibility than the blinds. These shutters will completely block the sunlight because it is fitted to the window. Solid wooden shutters are offered more benefits like less maintenance, improves security and privacy in the home. The Solid wooden shutters have panels it can be opened to cover the window or folded back. They enhance the privacy of the home when it is closed and offers good ability over direct sunlight.


• Plantation shutters act as an insulator to keep the room warmer in winter seasons and deflect the direct sunlight during summer prevents the room from getting heated.

• These shutters offer more durability compared to normal blinds. It is not needed to change the shutters yearly and also some shutters are provided with the warranty.

• Plantation shutters increase the standard of the home by its attractive beauty and offer good ventilation throughout the house.

About The Blind Shack

The Blind Shack is a prominent retail company in St.petersburg, Florida offering quality blinds and shutters at a wholesale price. They are family owned and operated business working constantly to serve the customers’ needs. Experts will help the customers in choosing the right one based on their taste and budget. They also offer a free home consultation service. To know more about plantation shutters, visit


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