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PET Strap Extrusion Plant (BOX Strapping Plant):
We are largest manufacturer and exporter of “Plastic Extrusion Plant and Rope Making Machine” in Gujarat, India. Pet Strap/Box Strapping is highly demandable item as its replacement of metal strap and using various industries mainly like Cotton Industries, Box packing, etc.
Strap PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate Strap also known as polyester strap and PET Box Strapping Plant) is often used where formerly steel strap was applied. This is due to some very good properties of PET Strap. Not only is this strap very strong due to its high tensile and tear resistance, but also very elastic so that the reduction of the size can be accommodated. It is resistant to shocks and bumps. If you pack any material like cotton with pressure 150 and throw it from long distance or move from height, material will be safe due to straight of PET Strap. Even in the long term this strap is extremely robust, and insensitive to UV light. These properties remain valid, even at high temperatures. In addition Strap PET is also much lighter than steel strap.
PET Strap is wide rang using in Industries Like:
Baling (fiber, Cotton, Jute, Coir), Palletization (Cartons, Film Rolls, Baggage Industry, Bottles, Clay Building Bricks) Packing for Metal in any form like bar, wire, pipe, sheet coil for any metals and Building Material and Wood (Plywood , Roofing Tiles, Timber, Chipboards,).
Fully Environment Friendly:
100% recyclable. Pet Strap is the best alternative for applications that require high tensile strength, high retained tension and elongation.