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Monofilament Extrusion Plant

Monofilament Extrusion Line (Monofilament Extrusion Plant) is plastic extrusion line to manufacture monofilament yarn.
Aawadkrupa Plastomech Pvt. Ltd. (APPL) offers Monofilament Extrusion Plants or Monofilament Yarn Extrusion Plants for various type of granules like PP Monofilament Extrusion Line, HDPE Monofilament Extrusion Line and Pet Monofilament Extrusion Line.
Online Monofilament extrusion Plant consists of the following units Extrusion, Screen changer, Die with Die head, Quenching Tank, Godet unit (Take-ups) Orientation Unit, Control Panel & Winder.

It is a molding method which involves extruding polymer resin in the form of thin yarns through the extruder, cooling it, and elongating it again to enhance the strength of the produced yarns.
In many parts of the world monofilament extrusion line is called as PP Monofilament Plant, HDPE Monofilament Plant, Monofilament Making Machine, Rope Filament Producing Plant, Mono Cloth Filament Making Machine, Monofilament Extruder Plant, Rope Extrusion Plant.
Aawadkrupa Plastomech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest growing HDPE Monofilamen Extrusion Plant Manufacturer in Asia, Monofilament Plant Manufacturer in Asia and trusted Monofilament Plant Manufacturer in India, Mono Yarn Plant Manufacturers In India, Automatic Monofilament extrusion Line India. Aawadkrupa Plastomech Pvt. Ltd. is Mono Yarn Machine Manufacturer, Rope Extrusion Plant & Monofilament Plant Manufacturer in Gujarat based at Bhavnagar.
With an eye on continuous Innovations & Customer Satisfaction, today Aawadkrupa Plastomech Pvt. Ltd. has made industry felt its remarkable presence in domestic as well as in international markets. We also manufacture fully automatic monofilament extrusion line / plant / machine and started pet monofilament extrusion Plant manufacturing.