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Mono Danline Extrusion Machine also known as MonoDanline Machine Line, PP MonoDanline Plant, Danline Extrusion Machine , Mono danline rope filament producing machine etc.
Mono Danline Machine is used to manufacturing mono dan line ropes or danline ropes filament which are used in various applications. These ropes being lighter by nature finds a lot of demand in international market and are highly recommended for various Purpose such as Safety float, Truck, Barrier, Ship docking, etc. and are available in various colors.
Mono Danline Extrusion machine is consist of the following units Extrusion, Screen changer, Die with Die head, Quenching Tank, Hot air oven,Godet unit (Take-ups) Orientation Unit, Control Panel & Winder.
We manufacture the following models of Mono Danline Extrusion Machine is our production unit:-
Sr. No. Model No. Size (mm) Production (Kgs/Hrs)
1 APPL/DL-75 AC 75 100
2 APPL/DL-90 AC 90 150
3 APPL/DL-100 AC 100 200
4 APPL/DL-80 GF 80 235

Key Features:
• Extra strength & shining to yarn.
• Barrel heater with double insulated glass woolen with SS make cover for power saving.
• Air oven for double hot circulation system.
• Ease of opening & closing system.
• Longer life for screw & barrel.
• Emergency push button for storage of plant.
• AC variable frequency drives& motor that synchronizes the entire extruder.
• Latest technology used to force the melt into the die very effectively.
• Less noisy.
• Less power consumption.

Applications: Manufacturing Danline ropes filament machine which are used in various applications like:-
• Used in anchor & dock lines
• Rigging & Used in oil fields
• Fishing- Shrimp harvesting
• Ship Building
• Pipe coating Industry
• Concrete block binding Industry (for oil fields)
• Stevedoring
• Optical fibresubduct (cable pulling)
• Electrical heavy cable pulling
• Recreational, entertainment and sporting applications.