The mobile display can easily get damaged due to accidental falls or scratches that would not only hamper the appeal of the mobile but also its functionality.However, to avoid such damages you can now checkout for the best tempered glass screen protectors from Mobile Phone Guard Company that can protect the mobile display screen from any kind of damages or accidental scratches. This is because the tempered glass screen protector undergo four hour high temperature toughening that brings 9H hardness to the glass and also comes with hydrophobic and oleo phobic coating so that you can be assured about the best protection not only scratches or damages but also water. The screen with a smooth touch control and also fingerprint free protection. The wholesale glass screen protector manufacturing company brings them in different models that are suitable for all makes and models of the mobiles. You can find anti-blue light tempered glass, full curve tempered glass, privacy glass tempered glass and many more that you can choose based on your requirement.

The glass screen protector wholesale seller uses Japanese glass material with 99% transmittance which is 30% higher than the ordinary glass film for best quality along with Japan quality AB glue. This ultra-clear tempered glass brings you the best of HD visual experience of your mobile. The glass is also dust proof and is easy to apply on the mobile excluding bubbles automatically. The glass is also washable and reusable as you can apply it again on the mobile display screen. The anti-scratch feature protects from any scratches with keys, knife or any other sharp objects so that you need not worry carrying the mobile in your pocket. The shatter screen protector tempered glass protects your mobile from accidental fall damages. The 2.5 edge technology would not hurt your fingers while browsing on the screen. The wholesale seller regularly keeps in touch with the best brands in the mobile industry to know the latest updates in their make and model so that they can bring out the screen protectors designs that best suit to the latest model mobile phones.

The company offer their products in wholesale price and which meet the standards of ISO 9001, ROHS and SGS. Free sample of the lot is also available and the buyers can also have a free design for packaging or website to promote the mobile screen protectors.

Mobilephoneguard is the best screen protector manufacturer company in China, offering various types of glasses for all types of Mobile phones. We use high quality Finest- Asahi glass material, it will protect your phone from all the injuries safely and efficiently. Book our service now at

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