Pittsburg, PA, 18 December 2018 – – Are your street clocks periodically need repairs and maintenance? Do you find it difficult to obtain spares for your existing street clocks when they breakdown? Are you in need of a set of street clocks that are latest in design and technology?

You don’t need to look beyond the services of Chomko LA, as they are pioneers in time management and street clock repair and are in the service of American community for decades. Based in both Atlanta and Pittsburgh the company combines experience and expertise to produce its clocks and importantly associate with world leaders of time technology to provide time solutions.

Can repair any make of street clocks

If you have beautiful street clocks to tell time to the citizens and any of them malfunctions it may disrupt the daily practice of observing time. This may prove to be nuisance because you won’t find street clock repair services in a hurry.

Clock manufacturers usually attend to their own brands that they have sold to customers and may repulse any demand that involve brands other than theirs. With Chomko LA, you will not encounter such difficulties because they are tied up with top time clock experts who can repair anything that ticks and street clocks are their specialty.

Apart from clock repair, the company is primarily into manufacturing world class street clocks that are integrated with the latest time technology. Chomko will not only repair your old clock, but also transform its façade in to a brand new entity by customization.

Can customize old clocks and make them new

The company has the wherewithal and technicians who can easily refurbish street clocks with new technology and completely change them into new entities. This will not only save money for you but also get range of clocks that are new and with new faces. Customization is another specialty of Chomko LA, so you can install new mechanism in to your clock and also change its looks and design without any difficulty.

You can visit the time tested company at website http://www.chomkola.com/ and know more about their services and products. If you have any queries to clear about them you can use the toll-free number (800) 964-5749 from anywhere. The company also has provided numbers 412-482-3822 (Pittsburgh) and 404-334-0202 (Atlanta) for quick reference.

Chomko, LA, is an experienced time management global company operating from Atlanta and Pittsburgh. They are essentially into manufacturing custom clocks for customers and repairing old clocks of any make.

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