iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd., more commonly known as iNextrix, is a known name in the VoIP industry. It is an India based IT company, which has been offering the best services and solutions in three major segments: web, VoIP and mobile applications. VoIP is the core strength of the company as it focuses more on the VoIP solutions and services since inception. The company has developed an advanced live call monitoring solution. The spokesperson of the company has announced to offer this live call monitoring solution to the VoIP service providers all across the globe.

As per the shared details, the company has been offering this solution to the businesses and now to make it more useful for the VoIP service providers, the company has added some additional features in this offered solution. The live call monitoring solution for a VoIP service provider has different features to fit into their business model compared to the live call monitoring system for business.

“Business and service provider have different types of use of the live call monitoring software because both of them use this solution for different purposes. We understand this fact really well and that’s why we have added some additional features in this system to meet the need of the service providers. Of course, we have the live call monitoring solution for business with different features to offer as well and based on the need, the VoIP service provider can choose the one. For example, if he wants to use this system for his own use of listening to the live calls, then the live call monitoring for business is fine for them. However, if they want to provide the live call monitoring service in addition to the service they offer, then I would say the advanced system with additional features is the best”, shared spokesperson of the company.

As per the shared details, the offered solution can be used as an integral module of any existing VoIP system. It means the VoIP service providers can integrate this system within their existing solution and can manage it from that same window. Below is the list of VoIP solutions within which the live call monitoring solution can be integrated:

• IP PBX system
• Hosted IP PBX solution
• Call center solution
• Call accounting system
• Voice logger solution
• Class 4 softswitch
• Class 5 softswitch
• Any custom VoIP solution

As per the shared details, the offered live call monitoring solution can be integrated within any system easily and the company itself provides the integration service. Alternatively, it can be used as a standalone application.

The company has shared the live demo of the software on their official webpage along with all other details of the stated solution. For more details, please visit