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Dehydrated Onion Manufacturer, Dehydrated Garlic Manufacturer

Onion, a very commonly used vegetable, ranks third in the world production of major vegetables. Apart from imparting a delicious taste and flavor due to its pungency in many culinary preparations, it serves several medicinal purposes also.
Onion is common vegetable which add delicious test and flavor in test of food. Onion is third most cultivated vegetables in the world. In tropical countries onion is the most used vegetable. About 175 countries of the world grow 3 types onions as per latest day of United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization. India produces all three varieties of onions white, red and yellow. Test of onions cultivated in India is very special. Besides adding a delicious taste and flavor, onion serves as a good medicinal compound for cataract, cardiovascular disease and cancer due to its hypocholesterolemic, thrombolitic and antioxidant effects. Several antioxidant compounds, mainly polyphenols such as flavonoids and sulfur-containing compounds, have been described in onion and garlic by the researchers namely Kourounakis and Rekka.

Composition of onion
Onions are low in calories (50 kcal/100 g) yet add abundant flavor to a wide variety of foods. Onion is known for its nutritional value and for the utility as herbal medicine in our country. It has moderate amounts of protein, fat, fibre and good amounts of calcium, phosphorous and potassium, vitamin C and B6.

Dehydrated onion
Processed and value added dehydrated onion products from india are gaining importance in the worldwide markets. onion has 6% share in the overall production of vegetables in India and about 93% of the total export of fresh vegetables from India. Onion is mainly exported in the form of dehydrated onion, canned onion and onion pickle.

Water removed from the vegetables during the drying process so that microorganisms do not survive and reproduce. Dehydration process involves the application of heat to vaporize water and removal of moist air from the dryer.

Dehydrated onions are considered as a potential product in world trade and India is the second largest producer of dehydrated onions in the world. There is a large demand of dehydrated onion in the European countries found a positive and significant growth rate in onion export which is of 6.27% per annum. Onions are generally dried from an initial moisture content of about 86% (wb) to 7% (wb) or less for efficient storage and processing.

Asha Foods is fasted growing processors of dehydrated onion products based in Mahuva, Gujarat which is hub for White Onion. In the region white onion crop is highest so the landing cost of the raw material and availability of the same is easy.

At Asha Foods we process all three types of Onion (White, Red & Yellow ), Garlic and other vegetables for dehydration process. After dehydration of onions we got dehydrated onions in forms of Dehydrated onion kibbled, Dehydrated onion chopped, dehydrated onion minced, dehydrated onion granules, dehydrated onion powder.

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