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NEXUS Insurance Brokers LLC
Fourth Floor, Office No. 402
Emaar Square

Telephone: +971 4 323 1111

Award-winning insurance company in Dubai Nexus Insurance Brokers is a trusted insurance broker offering Life Insurance plans for the whole family. When it comes to taking out insurance, life insurance should be a priority. The primary goal of life insurance is to ensure that families are protected during challenging times. It is a safety net and will cover sudden expenses that the family may not be ready for.

The CEO of NEXUS Insurance Brokers stated that, “Our Life Insurance plan offers plenty of benefits to individuals and families. Our life insurance experts are here to offer our clients the best advice on insurance plans that will best suit their lifestyle. All our insurance plans cater to different requirements for individuals, families and corporations”.

Life Insurance is like an inheritance that can at any time replace an income of a person when it is required. If a person is not able to make a daily living, the insurance plan will cover essential and unexpected expenses such as paying towards the mortgage or education.

Insurance brokers in Dubai advise their clients to name an heir when taking out insurance policies as it is a safety net for loved ones in case of sudden emergencies. Life insurance also protects against premature death and has a death benefit which is paid by the life insurer.

When taking out life insurance it is important to consider the income of the family including future expenses. These factors will make it easier to determine the type of life insurance policy each person will require. It is not just about thinking of the present, rather focusing on and planning for the future.

The CEO further stated that, “The saving portion or the cash value of the life insurance policy will accumulate over time with the beneficiary receiving an accrued portion. We believe that Life Insurance aims to secure and stabilize the financial future and is an important decision to make today”.

About Us
NEXUS Insurance Brokers are the biggest financial advisors in the GCC region offering insurance, savings and investment products to individual and corporate clients from domestic and international product providers. We are an independent organisation and qualified professionals who have the expertise and experience to carefully select solutions and meet the needs of our clients from financial services and insurance companies in the world. The company was established in 2006 but has been in the region since 1989 as an arm of Zurich International Life. For more information visit our website on