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If you are thinking about buying a waterfront property, there are certain things that you should always take into consideration. Waterfront properties are different from regular real estate and it has to be inspected differently. The feeling of owning and living in a waterfront property is definitely amazing. But, one should not get carried away by the looks and aesthetics of waterfront properties. Here are 5 important things that you should know when buying your first waterfront property:
1. Deal with a trustworthy waterfront real estate agent. Real estate agents dealing with normal real estate are not qualified enough to be dealing with waterfront properties. This is why you should look for real estate agent specifically dealing in waterfront properties. This real estate agent will inspect the property for the things that you may not have thought about. He will also help you find the right property that meets your requirements.
2. It is easy to get carried away by the aesthetics but you need to hold your horses. You need to consider the property more than its aesthetics. One thing that you should keep in mind is that property matters more than the structure itself. Thus, choosing a property that compliments your lifestyle becomes important.
3. The preparation begins early on. You should start looking for loans even before you start looking for waterfront properties. It is because, waterfront properties fall under the jumbo mortgage property section and the acquiring loans for them usually takes longer than that of regular loans.
4. Since waterfront properties are located near water bodies, extreme weather conditions can damage the property. The need to take extra preventive measures becomes paramount. An example of achieving this is by investing in storm shutters and stainless-steel locks.
5. Even the insurances for waterfront properties are costly. Thereby, you should start looking for insurances early on as it gives you more to consider different insurances. Waterfront property owners usually buy three policies – wind policy, flood policy and a general hazard policy.
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