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American Dental Clinic
#54 Jumeirah Beach Road

Tel: 800 (83384)

People take care of their teeth not just for functional purposes but to maintain their smiles. However, even with proper care teeth can become damaged. When the natural beauty diminishes, there is still hope in the form of cosmetic dentistry in Dubai. There are a number of dental treatments, veneers in particular, that brightens teeth and creates a natural and flawless appearance. Dr. Michael Ziegler from American Dental Clinic now offers veneer treatment to enhance smiles.

Dental veneers are naturally reflective and its appearance is similar to real teeth. They are thin shells that are bonded to the front of the teeth. American Dental Clinic uses dental veneers to enhance the appearance of excessively worn, uneven, chipped or stained teeth.

Many patients are candidates for veneers in Dubai. The treatment will address multiple cosmetic and functional issues and give patients the smile makeover they deserve. The clinic uses advanced diagnostics and technology to formulate a treatment plan that is unique and customized.

Every patient is different and comes to the clinic with their own set of dental issues. The American Dental Clinic believes that each patient requires personalized dental treatment to correct dental flaws and irregularities, and will treat them accordingly.

They also understand that most patients who walk into the clinic feel nervous and in order to make them comfortable, they have an excellent support team in place to pay special attention to these patients. “The primary goal is to make patients feel comfortable and at ease”, says Dr. Michael Ziegler. “We have experts on hand to offer the best support and care”. “We guarantee that our patients will have a positive experience, and feel relaxed and at ease during their time at the clinic”.

About Us
American Dental Clinic in Dubai is made up of a team of highly competent and skilled dentists and orthodontists that use modern equipment and the newest technology to ensure that each patient receives personalized attention. Our goal is to achieve outstanding patient care and satisfaction and this is what sets us apart from the rest. Set up in 1985, our clinic has provides people in Dubai and Abu Dhabi the finest dental care treatment which include general dentistry, dental implants, children’s dentistry, prosthetic and orthodontics. For more information, visit our website on