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Ring main unit is a set of switchgear commonly used ring-type electrical power distribution networks, and it plays an important role in secondary distribution substations. A wide range of industrial applications of ring main units include transportation, infrastructure, and construction, and recent industrial developments across the globe are expected to provide a fillip to growth of the ring main unit market.

Increasing Demand for Electricity and Use of Secondary Distribution Networks to Drive the Ring Main Unit Market

The growing trend of electrifying virtually everything is acting as the biggest trigger to increased demand for electricity across the world. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) the global electricity demand increased by more than 3% in 2017 over 2016. Furthermore, growing needs for the upgradation of old electric distribution systems is bolstering the adoption of ring main units. In developing countries, rising fund flow towards promoting the use of nonconventional and renewable energy sources is redefining growth prospects of the ring main unit market. Owing to the burgeoning demand for electricity worldwide, the ring main unit market is poised to envisage incremental growth in the upcoming years.

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Switchgear Manufacturers Introducing Intelligent and Smarter Devices to Gain an Edge in the Ring Main Unit Market

Increasing adoption of advanced electric power distribution systems is giving rise to the use of electronic component with more advanced features than conventional ones. Leading manufacturers in the ring main unit market are aiming to incorporate advanced technologies to further enhance safety and operational features of ring main units. Increasing adoption of next-generation technologies for expanding the range of innovative and smarter devices is emerging as a popular trend in the ring main unit market.

C&S Electric, a leading manufacturer of electrical and electronic components, recently introduced a smart, FRTU integrated ring main unit. The intelligent FRTU and modem integrated to the ring main unit make it a smart device that can identify and isolate any network issues and enhances reliability of uninterrupted power supply. The company announced that it is aiming to target Smart City projects and private and public power supply companies in emerging economies with launch of the ring main unit.

Another leading manufacturer in the ring main market – Eaton Corporation recently launched a wide range of power distribution products manufactured using cutting-edge technologies, in India. The company introduced RVAC SF6 Ring Main Unit (RMU), which is smart grid ready and has ergonomically designed logical mechanical and electrical interlocks. The advanced features of the RVAC ring main unit by Eaton can improve personal safety, ease of operation, and its state-of-the-art fault detection mechanism is likely to help the company to gain momentum in the ring main unit market.

The other players in the ring main unit market including General Electric, ABB, Schneider Electric, Siemens, L&T Electrical and Automation, Crompton Greaves, TIEPCO, Lucy Electric UK Ltd., LSIS Co., Ltd, Ormazabal, and Entec Electric & Electronic Co., Ltd, have been profiled in this report.

Asia Pacific Region to Attract Heavy Investments from Ring Main Unit Manufacturers

With the rising economic output, electricity demand in developing countries in the Asia Pacific region has surged significantly in the past few years. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), developing Asian countries, such as China and India, hold a whopping 70% share in this rise in demand for electricity, which is triggering the use of secondary distribution networks in the across the world. In 2017, warm summers and strong economic growth triggered electricity demand in China by over 6%. Electricity demand in India surged by 12% in 2017 outpacing the economic growth in the country, which was 7% in the fiscal years.

Emerging economies are making significant strides in the improved access and distribution of electricity, which likely to generate lucrative opportunities for ring main unit market players in the Asia Pacific region. With the bolstering electricity capacity expansion and adoption of smart grids in rural areas in developing nations, the market for ring main units in Asia-Pacific is likely to showcase significant growth in the upcoming years.

Ring Main Unit Market Segmentation

The ring main unit market is broadly segmented according to the installation, insulation types, applications, positions, component types, and ratings.

Based on the installation, the ring main unit market is segmented as:


Based on the insulation types, the ring main unit market is segmented as:

Oil Insulated
Gas Insulated
Solid Dielectric Insulated
Air Insulated

Based on applications, the ring main unit market is segmented as:

Distribution Utilities

Based on position, the ring main unit market is segmented as:

3 Position
6 Position
10 Position

Based on component types, the ring main unit market is segmented as:

Self-powered Electronic Relays

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