Rexpid is established in 1987, Blade Sync Technology, Rexpid III has a unique Blade Sync Technology that links three blades so they open simultaneously on impact.
Through fresh innovations, highly advanced automated production lines, and strategic worldwide cooperation, Rexpid has become a world class manufacturer of outdoor sports. Striving for perfection has emphasized quality and engineering advancement over short term sales numbers has ensured the continued growth of Rexpid. In a world where only the competitive survive, Rexpid will continue to stand tall with quality and growth for years to come.
The REXPID NURI Broadhead utilizes a lot of rotating wing cutting edges, the combine of turning wing sharp edges joined to the broadhead are intended to help push the broadhead over ribs and other little bones, making the injury more profound.
• Weight: 100 + 125 grains
• Cutting diameter: 1⅛” on 100 grain 1¼” on 125 grain
• Blade Thickness: 0.039” on 100 grain 0.039” on 125 grain
• Stainless Steel
Revolving wing sharp edges make an overwhelming injury channel with cleaner and more profound infiltration.
Key Features:
• Vented
• Manufacturing plant slanted edge
• Exclusively turn tried
• Rotating cutting edges make a staggering injury channel
• High quality for cleaner and more profound infiltration
• Free broadhead convey case
• 2 sharp edge with rotational wing cutting edges
• Sink
• 100 grains
• Cutting distance across: 1-1/8″
• Sharp edge thickness: 0.039″
• Material: Stainless steel8 Turkey Deer Broad Head Manufacturer
“Locked and Loaded”
• Creates more powerful force to penetrate
• Rexpid RX-S unlocks all 3 blades upon tip impact.
• The blades are locked in place until the tip hits the animal.
• The tip impact triggers all the blades to open Blades are locked during flights to ensure stability.
Vision 2020
• Lead in quality of broadhead
• Lead in practicing social responsibility
• Lead in product innovation and customer satisfaction Stainless Steel Target Point Korea

Company Motto
• Quality Management for Customer Satisfaction
• Zero-defect production and highest quality services
• Bold actions through innovation and experimentations