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What is the need of RERA Consultants?

Because of the rising number of complaints by real estate stakeholders and lack of regulations, an act has been passed in March. According to this act, there were rules and regulations for every state and union territory. However, it is true that only a few states and union territories have made the rules. Although this low was effective from 1st May 2016.

According to this act, there should be a real estate regulatory authority in every state within one year whose purpose is to safeguard the interest of the buyers as well as to regulate the real estate industry. The objective of this authority is to maintain and regulate some rules in every state related to the real estate sector.

What is the main objective of RERA?

 The authority has been established to regulate rules in real estate sector.
 The task of the authorities to provide transparency in the real estate sector
 The purpose of this authority is to look at the interest of the buyers such that the right of the buyers can be protected.
 The authority cross check the unnecessary delay and delivery of the project
 The purpose of RERA is to bring confidence in the real estate sector.

The authority has the power to prescribe the penalties for the defaulters in real estate business.

Overall, the object of RERA authority is to ensure that the interest of buyers is not affected. The authority has made some rules and regulations in the real estate market to give transparency in business.

The task of the RERA consultants is to provide consultancy services to buyers, promoters and real estate agent. RERA consultants set some rules and regulations between both the party buyers and real estate agent. RERA registration services is necessary, we offer registration services to both the promoters and real estate agents. Our professionals collect all the information from the internet that is related to RERA and its rules such that both the buyers and real estate agents can get the benefits from us. Our professional will also help a buyer to check the RERA status of a particular real estate agent such that they can avail great benefits.

We keep updated information on RERA status and on registered projects with RERA. Also, we help buyers to know their rights such that they can save themselves from any fraud or scam which is the most important need of any business in today’s world.

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