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After guiding more than 4000 students to succeed in the most coveted Civil Services Examination, through their most sought-after courses, Chanakya IAS Academy has now announced another exclusive ‘Prelims Special Batch’ in New Delhi. Chanakya IAS Academy is a renowned name and is well known for providing valuable guidance and coaching to Civil Services Aspirants. The Academy announces the advent of its new Prelims Special batch for Civil Services Prelims 2019 from 10th January 2019 at its 3 centres, i.e., South Delhi – Satya Niketan, North Delhi – Mukherjee Nagar and Rajendra Place.

The duration of the course will be 3 months, and within this span, the academy aims at providing holistic yet a focused guidance to the aspirants. The batch will begin with an introductory session, where students will get comprehensive information about Civil Services Preliminary Examination, the syllabus, trend analysis, question pattern, intelligent guessing techniques and other important information.

“The course module for Civil Services Preliminary examination has been carefully designed keeping in mind all the recent trends of UPSC and to cover-up the course within the duration of 3 to 4 months, while making students ready for prelims 2019”, said by the spokesperson of Chanakya IAS Academy.

The academy will provide regular classes to students in both English and Hindi Medium, and the comprehensive Test Series for both GS and CSAT will also be included in the curriculum, which will further give an opportunity to the candidates to assess their preparation and work on the weaker areas. The students who are not the part of Prelims Special batch can also enrol for Prelims Test series by paying the fee for Test Series, but it will be free for in-house students or the students enrol for Chanakya IAS Academy’s Prelims Special batch.

The Academy will also invite IAS officers/successful candidates of Chanakya IAS Academy and other field experts, who will motivate the students, share their journey to success and empower them with the right preparation strategies to successfully get through Civil Services Prelims examination. Chanakya IAS Academy houses a panel of experts who help students master all the concepts using interactive learning technique.

Special Current Affairs classes, tips on tackling the trickier question, coverage of economic survey, India year book will be a part of the curriculum while covering other important subjects of GS and CSAT.

While talking about the course in detail, Chanakya IAS Academy’s spokesperson said, “Aspirants approach us with a trust that we will guide them towards achieving their dreams. And, our sole aim behind coming up with such courses is that every student gets the right guidance and support to follow their dream path. Each student at Chanakya will receive individual attention by the subject matter experts, consequently, they will have unrivalled command over the subjects. The Academy houses seasoned faculty members who coach students to success in Civil Services Examination. Apart from our extensive study material, the experts’ design special notes for students on the basis of research on current updates of UPSC along with an analysis of UPSC question paper from last 5 to 10 years to ensure students’ success in the examination following the current UPSC trend. Our well-designed curriculum for Prelims special batch will include proper coverage of all the subjects, weekly assessment tests and special classes on current affairs. This batch is currently being organised at all our Delhi branches and students can register by visiting our official website and by calling on the given numbers on the website”.