VALLEY COTTAGE, N.Y. – As per its latest report, Bronchoscopes Market, the company has reported estimated steady increase in revenues derived from sales of bronchoscopes throughout the forecast period. Revenues from global bronchoscopes market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 4.3% over 2018-2028. Growing population base aged over 65 years and rapid increase in incidence of pulmonary disorders are primary factors estimated to push market revenues across all regional markets. The global bronchoscopes market, though mature, exhibits an incremental opportunity US$ 224.3Mn over the forecast period. Bronchoscopy is an endoscopy technique, used to diagnose and treat respiratory diseases, thus helping the user to analyze the distal branches of the bronchi. Bronchoscopy procedure is done by a thin, lighted tube known as bronchoscopes, which is entered from the mouth and nose into the system. Bronchoscopes enables miniaturizing to the smallest point enhancing visualization. Availability of developed healthcare infrastructure is fuelling the adoption of bronchoscopes for pulmonary imaging purpose and quickening the diagnosis of diseases.

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Most European countries and Japan are witnessing a rapid ageing in its population base. According to World Population Prospects-2017, the number of geriatric people (aged 60 +) is expected to be more than double (2.1 Bn) by 2050 and to more than triple (3.1 Bn) by 2100. This will increase application of bronchoscopes over the forecast period. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 3.5 million people in America have been recognized with a type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders, severe emphysema. It is seen that there is an increase in the incidence of respiratory disorders due to which demand of bronchoscopes is also increasing. It is seen that 500,000 bronchoscopy procedures are undertaken through bronchoscopes per year in the U.S. alone. There are several Bronchoscopes which are launched recently and has advance technology such as charge-coupled devices (CDD) due to which it is highly in demand by various end users such as hospitals. The Flexible Fiber Bronchoscopes is expected to hold the largest market share over the forecast period which indicates the high demand of the product throughout the forecast period. Bronchoscopes are also used to diagnose tumors, chronic cough, pulmonary infections, etc. Physicians also use bronchoscopes to deliver medication to patient’s lungs and/or remove objects that could be caught in airways.
Bronchoscopes Market: Rising Global Prevalence of Respiratory Disorders Among the Growing Geriatric Population to Fuel Demand: Global Industry Analysis 2013 – 2017 and Opportunity Assessment 2018 – 2028 :