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Are you wondering, “What can I expect from a pediatric dentist near me or a pediatric dental clinic near me?”

Let’s find out!

New patients

Whether you’ve been to another pediatric dentist in Bloomfield or not, determining your current health is step one. The dentist starts with a brief exam to find any obvious problems. Then, the dental hygienist will perform a professional cleaning.

In case of pain

The initial exam will determine sources of pain, and how to proceed, prior to the initial cleaning. This will likely include x-rays. If you’re wondering, “Is there an emergency pediatric dentist near me?” The answer is yes! If your pain is an emergency, we will serve you!

Problem areas

Whether you’re dealing with pain, or it only showed up on the x-ray, the dentist will determine problem areas. Gum disease, cancers, and jaw alignment will be checked.

Your history

The dentist will discuss your history, medication use, and chronic diseases. This will paint a picture of your overall health.


Depending on what the dentist finds, the dentist will discuss what needs to be treated at this stage. Whether you need treatment for cavities, gum disease, or anything else, you will be presented with options. It’s important to us that you understand everything.


The hygienist will perform a thorough cleaning. This also involves education on proper self-care. We use modern tools and understand many patients may feel anxious. Our gentle family dentistry will put your needs first.

Coverage beyond Bloomfield

Whether you’re looking for an Avon pediatric dentist, or you live in Bloomfield, our care is top-notch. We’re your pediatric dentist Windsor, and your pediatric dentist in Tariffville. We’re your family pediatric dentist in Simsbury, as well as your pediatric dentist in Poquonock. We’re the best pediatric dentist in Weatogue, and the top pediatric dentist in Hartford. We’re the foremost pediatric dentist in Granby.

If you’re wondering, “What’s the best pediatric dental clinic near me?”, then look no further. No matter your background, we serve each and every customer as though they were our one and only.