yBuySell is a leading platform for rent and lend in India. It is 100% mobile app based solution which lets its users rent and lend anything and everything via this app with the convenience of an app. This rent and lend platform has many popular categories and the makers of this app have announced about one more popular category for rent and lend in India, which is reusable baby products.

As per the shared details, the reusable baby products are listed below which can be easily rented or lent on this app:

• Baby pram
• Baby stroller
• Baby crib
• Baby cart
• Baby pram suit
• Baby walker
• Baby bicycle
• Baby plate set
• Baby milk / water bottle
• Baby toys
• And more

“Babies are cute and must be pampered. All parents in the world want to give the best childhood to their babies and that’s the reason they don’t want to look back while buying things for their baby. However, we all know that almost all reusable baby items are used just for some months. As soon as the baby grows, the old items are replaced by the new and those old items are stored in the storeroom. In fact, there are many items which are not used so often such as, baby cart or baby pram. In all these cases, it is always good to rent a baby item than buying it because this way you can save money which can be used or saved for the baby only. We have launched the platform that lets parents rent any baby items; they can use it and pay rent for the same till they want to and then return it. This will help in saving on a thing and space as well. For example, if you will be going for outing on the weekend, rent a baby pram for the weekend and return it once you are back. You don’t need to buy and maintain the same in the house when you don’t need it”, shared the spokesperson of yBuySell.

As per the shared details, the app is free to download and use for the people that want to rent a baby item. To rent a baby item all they need to do is follow 2 steps:

• Download the app
• Put a request about the things to be rented

Once the rent request is placed, the parents will start receiving the request from the other members on the yBuySell that has the item and want to give it on rent. Then the offer which is most suitable can be accepted or negotiation conversation can be conducted to get the best deals. During this whole process the contact details of both parties, who rent and lend, are kept confidential.

The yBuySell is secure, convenient and free app for the Indian users who want to save more. For more details, please visit https://ybuysell.com