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Laos is a Southeast Asia country. It is also known as the “Land of a Million Elephants”. The elephant symbolizes the traditional kingdom of LAN Xang, and is sacred to the Lao individuals, who believe it’ll bring prosperity to their country. Laos is very safe and violence against women travelers is extremely rare.
Champasak is a province in southwestern Laos. It’s best notable for a series of Khmer ruins, conjointly named a UNESCO World Heritage site because the Champasak Cultural Landscape. But there is much more to be discovered! Discover French colonial buildings, Buddhist temples, or just get pleasure from an evening within the Shadow Puppet Theatre. November to March is best time to visit Champasak.
Popular Places to visit Laos

Vat Phou Temple
The Vat Phou Temple is one of the excellent example of Khmer architecture. It is also includes in UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are several fine samples of ancient Lao homes and buildings from the colonial amount. The banks of the Mekong River is interesting archeological sites of Laos.

Mekong Falls-Li Phi & Khone Phapheng
Mekong Falls is a largest waterfall in South Asia. Among the waterfall’s several channels and rocky outcrops visitors can see native people exploitation ancient fishing techniques. Li Phi, simply north of Khone Phapheng, is another superb natural site that’s best seen throughout the months of December-March once the cascade’s clear waters are tinted emerald inexperienced. Food and potable facilities are available at each sites.

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