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Sodium Benzoate is a preservative found in various food, beverages, and condiments that is generally recognized to be consumed in small dosages.
Sodium benzoate is also used as a preservative in cosmetics and medicines. Acidic products like sauerkraut, jellies and jams, hot sauce and soda are the most common sources of sodium benzoate.

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Sodium benzoate has application in fireworks as a fuel which is in powdered form that gives out a whistling sound. Therefore, the whistle mix cracker and rockets emit sound once they are fired.
Their use in all these end use industries is projected to drive the market growth in near future.
Certain health issues owing to benzoates reported by the FDA and World Health Organizations are projected to hamper the market growth of benzoate market.

Sodium Benzoate Market Segmentation Overview-

Sodium Benzoate Market by Application:
Food & Beverages
Pharmaceuticals, And

Sodium Benzoate Market by Geography:
North America
Asia Pacific
Latin America, and
Middle East & Africa.

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Sodium Benzoate Market Top Players:
Foodchem International Corporation and
A.M. Food Chemical Co. Limited
Wuhan Youji Industries Co., Ltd.
DuPont de Nemours Company, and
Eastman Chemical Company,
E.I., among others.

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