Perhaps you have heard the importance of keeping your body adequately hydrated. Just like food and air, water is essential for the proper functioning of your body organs. While you are more likely to drink plenty of water when you stay at home, the contrary is also true. If you spend or are planning to spend more time outdoors, then it is prudent to carry enough water with you. How you do this, is by getting the best water bottle. Following is a review of the best bottles and a buying guide.


The capacity of the bottle determines how much water you can carry. And so depending on the activity, you are involved in and your preferences, you can choose from 500ml all the way to 2 liters.


Water bottles are either made from stainless steel and aluminum or plastic. The former is best if you are involved in vigorous sports that require sturdiness of the bottle for durability and thermal properties. The plastic ones are for light sports. Look for a material that is BPA free as it is a health concern.