Cybercrime and rape. There is such a connection between them, which is not quite right. Humans come first in the grip of cyber and then join in the world of unknowingly crime, where there are various gangs of many abusive criminals, who are cunningly choreographed by cyber-support girls In their illusion and at a time when girls do not get out of that janzal and then their part comes in infamy. It has taken the initiative to fight the war against cyber crime and rape culture, Uttam Kumar, the producer of Riyangs Entertainment ward, who liked the Concept of the seasonal belief that he decided to go to film production for the purpose of getting justice for rape victims. , In which co-producer Ibrahim Shaikh collaborated with him. Ibrahim Shaikh says that some huge percent of benefits will be given after the cost of the film, it will be given to the NGOs associated with the upliftment of women and those suffering women who do not have the money to go to court. The producer will endeavor to provide the cost of taking such women to the court so that they can get justice as soon as possible.

Producer Uttam Kumar says that through this film, we want to tell people that the bad guys you have made your friends through social media, take them out of your society, that is why they are included in the UNFRIENDS, because such people will never You can push the world of crime because friends created through social media can be criminals.

Recently, the movie got the Best Concept of Movie Award in Delhi. The story of writer Abdul Ghaffar Khan and four songs from this film directed by Ashfaq Shaikh is decorated with music, by Nayab Ali. The film’s hero is Sahil Akhtar, who wins war on many fronts to get justice for rape victims. Will the victim get justice for the girl? The audience will not have to wait longer for the answer.