MrOwl, a Community Interest Engine™ that brings together the best of search, social, and digital organization all in one app, helps you to celebrate Diwali with a unique new way to discover and share more about the things that will help you to have an incredible Diwali.

The MrOwl app and website allows people to collaborate on topics, find inspiring ideas, share knowledge with the community, and explore their interests. The festival of Diwali is shared on MrOwl on different MrOwl user “branches” that help to bring the excitement of Diwali to life. Think of a “branch” as simply a curated collection of information that is made up of subtopics, links, photos, and documents. All organized together, in one easy place.

Divya Kapoor, a MrOwl user, created a Diwali themed MrOwl “branch” (URL:, where she shares her favourite Diwali clothing, decorations, and recipes that will help you to take your Diwali celebrations to the next level.

Bhavna Patel, a noted food expert and founder of Bhavna’s Kitchen, highlighted the fun behind the food around Diwali on her MrOwl “branch” (URL:, where she extensively shared her favourite food and vegetarian Diwali recipes. Her MrOwl “branch” also showcases her innovative recipes that you can enjoy every single day as you share the joy of great food with the friends and family in your life.

Arvind Raichur, CEO and Co-Founder of MrOwl, said “MrOwl is used by users to organize, search and share the things that are important to them. People add and share incredible content on a daily basis, which makes the discovery of the things that you are interested in both constant and engaging on MrOwl. So, whether you’re looking for new Diwali recipes, fun places to travel to, or more information on Virat Kohli, MrOwl has it all, because there’s something for everyone.”