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Now talk about North Korea. It is a country of East Asia. This country is a very secretive. They fellow strict rules when allowing foreign travelers to visit their country. The city of Pyongyang is the capital of nation and largest city. The country is officially the Democratic People’s Republic.

The best place to visit in Korea

Koguryo Tombs
The Tombs are almost the only remains of this culture. It has many with beautiful wall paintings. It is built of stone and covered by stone or earthen mounds. These tombs are from the middle period of the kingdom. They are the representative remains of this culture. almost all of are located in this site. It have made for the burial of kings, members of the royal family and the aristocracy. These paintings provide a singular testimony to lifestyle of this era. Among the Koguryo tombs known in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), sixty three individual tombs as well as sixteen tombs with wall paintings are enclosed within the inscribed property. There are many sorts of tombs, supported the number of burial chambers – single chamber, two chambers, and multi-chambers with aspect chambers. They represent the total vary of the Koguryo topographic point classification and showcase the simplest samples of this construction technology.

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