Zhuzhou, Hunan (December 11, 2018) – The leader in innovative induction heating furnaces, CX-Induction has recently acquired a lot of recognition for its high-end products and seamless services. This manufacturing hub has the ability to design standard and customized state-of-the-art Laboratory furnace range, and technologies for advanced companies, organizations and institutes in the industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, tooling, medical, recycling, energy, solar, MIMs, military and RD.

Operating in the furnace manufacturing industry since 2003, this venture aims to flatter clients with the most superior quality products, and this is done through consistency and dedication. CX-Induction has been revolutionizing the China industry by crafting furnaces and technology that operate smoothly. Apart from the furnaces, the manpower also designs other items such as exhaust spray tower or chiller cooling tower collection, water cooling systems, purification systems, cemented carbide sintering fur range, graphite heating elements and much more.

The furnaces designed by this team contain everything from large production bath type and continuous units to the small laboratory and R&D furnaces for use at temperatures up to 3000°C. Be it Carbon graphite material or furnace, the manufacturing company has the expertise to design personalized products for the clients according to their specifications of sizes and designs. Thus, the customers with custom industrial furnace requirements receive everything they look for!

Being the most renowned and reliable manufacturer of Ultra High Temperature Furnaces in China, this company makes sure to seek assistance from the modern technology and equipment, so that they can provide the best to the clients as well. By leading the modern technology and equipment with more than 150 installations, CX-Induction aims to increase the productivity and efficiency of the client companies and save their investments. To help them achieve maximum flexibility and meet strict industry demands, cutting edge products and technology as offered by the dexterous team of manufacturing unit, CX-Induction.

The professional team of this manufacturing hub are certified and hold several degrees in Materials PhD, Ceramic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electric Engineering. These educated members never leave a stone unturned to put forward their best efforts in creating products that are durable, advanced and work without any hassle. Apart from the smooth supply of the equipment at the doorstep of the client companies, CX-Induction also guarantees unparalleled after sale services and technological supports.

Apart from having a name in the Laboratory furnace manufacturing industry, the most important thing that makes this venture so renowned is the assurance that it gives to the customers of incredible products, technology and convenient services, at the competitive market rates, without any delay or shipping issues.

About CX-Induction
CX-Induction is the highly acknowledged and trustworthy manufacturer of innovative heating furnaces and technologies in China, that are designed by the professional team and supplied to different advanced companies, organizations and institutes.

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