With the growing Stock Keeping Units, fueled by the market shifts like e-comm growth & rising demand for same day order fulfillment, companies are embracing the goods-to-man automation using advanced technology for inventory storage and movement.

Over the past few years, we have seen multiple new technologies coming to the market, transforming the face of industries. Talking about the latest ones, robotics goods-to-man technology is changing multiple facets of the businesses. This technology is appearing to be the best panoply for several warehouse operations’ problems. Keeping the benefits of goods-to-man automation of warehouses for fulfillment and distribution centers, the businesses have started to get connected with leading supply chain automation companies.

What is Goods-To-Man Automation?

Putting the focus on goods-to-man automation; it is a simple concept in which the goods the removed from the pallets automatically. Cartons are then placed into totes or into trays. Further, they are stored in a high-density automated storage and retrieval systems or robotic systems. In this process, the orders that are needed to be fulfilled by the stock keeping units, are automatically retrieved from the storage and brought to the picker (either at a pick station or to an ergonomic palletizing station). As the picker doesn’t require to walk, the complete focus on pick & pack stations is on ergonomics and high productivity.

The goods-to-man automation has been hugely influenced by heightened processing ability and completely integrated controls architecture development, which are making these high stock keeping unit-count, high speed and systems possible. This solution possesses the ability to include high-density storage systems, pallet based or carton based systems, robots, and vertical lift modules as well. In addition, the systems are perfectly suitable for high-rate capacity, the changes in the product demand profiles along with the ability to accommodate the load sequencing the needs. They cut down on the chances that human workers will pick up the wrong items, enhancing accuracy and productivity.

Advantages Of Typical Goods-to-Automation Consists:

These systems enhance the storage capacity and density, making the space available for the more productive work.
They help in increasing the throughputs and automating the picking and order accuracy.
Enhanced ergonomics for operators and energy consumption in a great manner is also possible with these systems.
They enable the product handling easier and security stronger with providing multiple scalable solutions.
The robust warehouse operations’ industrialization help in enhancing productivity and efficiency.

About GreyOrange Pte Ltd.

GreyOrange is a leading supply chain automation company that offers robust robotic warehouse automation with other innovative solutions coupled with robotic goods-to-person (GTP) technology. As the robots are rapidly becoming the present need of supply chain industry, the organization works hard to live up to their clients’ expectation and serve them with brilliant solutions. It nails off the competition from their competitors by proving the warehouse execution software at affordable price. As a result of their fruitful inputs, the organization always remains a step ahead in the market competition.

With the robotic warehouse automation systems, offered by GreyOrange, multiple industrial warehouses are now operating in a fast, agile and optimized manner. The company has been restlessly several industries across all domains. Additionally, with providing solutions to a large number of national companies, the organization is striving for the international supply chain industries too. Grey Orange has simplified the entire warehouse industrialization process for their clients by providing them a wider range of solutions such as automated picking and sorting systems, autonomous mobile robots, parcel, linear and butler system with GTP technology.

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