Empire Business Solutions, a leading independent business brokers in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, has authored a comprehensive 36-page guide on how to sell your business. Entitled Selling a Lower Middle Market Business, this white paper offers a complete, step by step, approach to sell a business. Chock full of tips and recommendations, this guide will educate potential sellers about the process they will go through in order to successfully sell their business. This paper targets owners of business who want to sell them and walks them through this confusing and complicated process.

Here is an excerpt from the paper:

“To have the advantage, or at least an opportunity to get to the closing table, you must see the business through the eyes of a buyer and lender, so you’re prepared for the incoming fire that will inevitably come your way. Buyers and sellers are at cross-purposes when it comes to terms and conditions of a sale so knowing how to proceed once the swords are crossed is critical. What is positive for the seller is usually negative for the buyer and vice-versa. When a buyer tells a seller, the business is not worth as much as (s) he thought, it’s often viewed as a personal attack and the response can create a barrier to (what still could be) a successful transaction.”

Roy Moss, President of Empire Business Solutions, and one of the contributing authors, said, “This is a must read for every person thinking of selling their business. It outlines and gives details on every step a seller will go through in order to sell their business. Being a business broker in Orange County, California for over 15 years, I highly recommend this as important read even if you do not use a broker to seller your business, although I highly recommend using an experience broker.”

Selling A Lower Middle Market Business is available for Free as a download at


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