Since our foundation in 1998 our company has only been engaged in the production Vacuum Blood Collection Product LINE, product plant. Our offer a wide range of operating speeds from 8.500 pcs units per hour and we understand that anything less than the best is good enough.
In 1998, we had developed vacuum blood collection tube product machine to obtain patent at home and abroad. We had upgraded the machine many times that runs smoothly without disorder and that can produce good quality product with high performance automatically. Do business with us to expand your business.
DY-09 Manually Filling machine
Application: Suitable for low gooey fluid
Product type: Beauty cream, Pigment, grease, Food, Honey, Whiskey, Grape Juice, Other fluids.
Filling range: 3g-1000g
Filling exactness: +/ – 0.5%
Tube material: Laminate, Plastic cylinder, Aluminum tube, Circle formed jug. square Compartment, rectangular holder, twisted compartment and so on.
Capacity: 1200-1500 Tubes/hr
Machine estimate: W: 650 L: 550 H: 2050 (Unit: mm)
Net weight: Approx’ 250kg
Voltage: 220V
Air: Guarantee: two years (After deals benefit for nothing out of pocket amid assurance period) Item Features
The machine gets high productivity particularly for little sum Filling. Auto Blood Packing Machine Supplier korea
When infuse different hues they can be changed quickly.
Hopper, Filling and cleaning the spouts are extremely advantageous while collect and dismantle is to some degree convenient contrasted and other item from somewhere else with the goal that administrator can amass. what’s more, dismantle it upon 2 minutes clarification.
This machine is reasonable particularly for the generation of multi-sort products with colossal amount. Stainless steel has been utilized for Filling spout and head. Replacement to another item can be done as such expeditiously.
Extra Information:
I am as a first class professional and ace hand worked in assembling Tube Filling Machine since 1978. Gel Filling Machine Supplier The Korea has been getting a charge out of a high notoriety as a champ of universal vocational preparing rivalry for multiple times including 9 continuous years winning first place. Likewise, we DAE YONG as a main specialized master in Korea are pleased with the capacity of items we are fabricating. We are certain that you would be fulfilled utilizing our Tube Filling Machine we produce with our heart. We wish your prosperous business and remain.